The manager the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, pro-rector on educational work, Vera Viktorvna Nikolina

The collective of faculty of general pedagogics NSPU includes 15 men, including 4 doctors of pedagogical sciences, professors, 2 candidates of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturers; 2 senior teachers. A subject of research of professorial teaching collective of faculty are the urgent problems of the modern theory and practice of vocational training at maximum pedagogical school. In activity of faculty the following basic scientific directions were generated in a channel of the doctrine of the given problems: "of Individual education", "Preparation of the teacher in conditions of multilevel education" and "Problems of a modern comprehensive school". Are studied both modern, and historical aspects formation of the teacher during vocational training.

Theoretical and practical meanings in organization and realization of research of the designated problems by collective of chair of general pedagogics is, that it carries multidimensional character. So, B.V.Nikolina's research are devoted to theoretical and methodological bases of emotional education of the future teacher and ecological education of the schoolboys. By area of scientific interests of the doctor of pedagogical sciences, the professors N.M.Zverevoj are problems "Developing training in conditions of an average comprehensive school and pedagogical high school"; "Perfection of system of increase of pedagogical qualification of the teacher"; "Ways of integration didactics and psychology . The doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor L.V.Zagrekova is engaged in research of problems of theoretical and methodological bases of professional training at maximum pedagogical school and modern educational technologies. Area of scientific interests of the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer F.V.Povshednoj - philosophical pedagogical judgement of the theory and practice professional formation of the person of the teacher. With., senior lecturers. I.V.Lebedeva, G.G.Senigovec, E.A.Slepenkova, A.I.Udalov study problems of perfection of methods and means of training in pedagogical high school, professional self-determination of the schoolboys and learning youth.

The Historical aspect of research of a problem formation of the teacher during vocational training was found reflection in works of the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor A.A.Frolova and his schoolboys -, by the senior lecturer I.V.Berelkovskogo,, senior lecturer L.V.Kilyanovoj,, senior lecturer A.V.Povshednogo. The works A.A.Frolova on problems formation A.S.Makarenko's of pedagogical system are known not only in Russia, but also abroad.

A new direction in research of chair is the problem of the theory and practice of social pedagogics (, professor A.A.Frolov,, senior lecturer YU.KH.Trushina).

Results of scientific researches of professorial and teaching collective are the monographies, manuals, clause in the central magazines "Pedagogics", "National education", "Maximum education in Russia" etc. On the basis of chair the All-Russia and regional scientifically practical conferences will be carried out.

At chair of general pedagogics is open post-graduate study on specialities 13.00.01 - the general pedagogics, theory of pedagogics and education; 13.00.08 - the theory and history of vocational training.

Many teachers of chair are the members of dissertational council on protection of the dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of pedagogical sciences.

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