The chair of aesthetic education (initial name of chair) NSPU is created in September, 1992.

The Management NSPU has put before chair a task to create and to approve system of aesthetic education as a means of development of humanity as making person of the future teacher on professional activity.

  • The basic directions of activity

  • aesthetic education of the future teacher;
  • professional training of the students to training and realization of aesthetic leisure with children in preschool establishments, at school, in family;
  • formation of readiness of the students to continuous aesthetic education after ending pedagogical high school;
  • development at the future teachers of the available deposits, propensities, abilities, interests representing social value in aesthetic education;
  • maintenance of interrelation of aesthetic education with educational, scientific, performerial, leisureial by activity of the teachers and students;
  • maintenance of a high - moral climate and high culture by means of art in high school, in student's hostels by the teachers and students;
  • realization of system of measures of complex character on maintenance of effectiveness of all kinds of aesthetic education;
  • creation of conditions for versatile aesthetic development and self-determination of the person of the students;
  • realization of system of social protection of the students through additional aesthetic education in view of opportunities of chair;

In conditions of modernity these uneasy problems on aesthetic education were decided by chair since 1992. The first head who has created this chair, senior lecturer, member of Union of the Artists, director of the centre of UNESCO on Nizhniy Novgorod's area, art crotic supervised over it, Larisa Ivanovna Pomytkina.

Since 1996 the chair is headed by the senior lecturer NSPU, member of the centre of UNESCO on Nizhniy Novgorod's area Kukhareva Nelli Borisovna. In 2001 the chair was renamed in chair aesthetic and music education in connection with reception of the license on a new speciality - 030700 "Music education".


The employees of chair

  • The teachers of chair work at eight faculties of pedagogical university on various directions:
  • musical education
    The senior lecturer V.V.Shirokov (The chief of an orchestra of bayan-players), senior lecturer N.B.Kuhareva, the assistants A.V.Karpova, O.A.Elizarova, N.E.Suhanova (Choral class and vocal ensemble, vocal class), The senior teacher A.N.Shilov (class of a guitar), The senior teacher, candidate of pedagogical sciences A.N.Chertovska's (a concertmeister class);
  • representational activity
    The senior teacher I.A.Dolgopolova (technique of representational activity at school, design work of the teacher of initial classes and preschool workers);
  • a choreography
    the senior teacher P.N.Busel (basis of classical, national and modern dance);
  • theatrical pedagogics
    the assistant I.A.Chernysheva;

The chair managed together with the aesthetic centre NSPU to create the plans, rules, methodical recommendations for realization of educational holidays, anniversaries of the teachers, chairs, faculties, pedagogical high school as a whole.

Out-school activity

the out-school activity of the students of high school is carried out by chair through the target programs: "the World of art - XXI century", Day of the students of the first year - "Beginning", "Ms. - classics" to 200-year A.S.Pushkin, "Student's family", "the Knights XXI of century", annual spring student's festival "Candle" etc.

  • The system of aesthetic education on chair is under construction in view of a line of principles:
  • a principle of the initiative and independence of the students, which requires, that during this work the wishes of participants should be to the full taken into account;
  • a principle of creation of conditions for participation all or majority of the students in planning, preparation and realization of measures;
  • a principle of formation of social skill to communicate of the students realized readiness for social partnership, tolerance;

The initiative of the students and chair on organization of creative collectives at pedagogical university is supported by a management NSPU all these years are ensembles in all genres, club cheerful and ready-quick, club author's songs, choral collectives, orchestra bayan-players, ensemble of the violinists.

The experience of chair aesthetic and music education proves a choice of the basic directions of aesthetic education in pedagogical high school and enables to predict the further development and perfection. The long-term work of chair has confirmed necessity of its activity as major means of creation of favorable, spiritual - moral environment in NSPU.


Chair aesthetic and music education

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